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Network Packet Brokers:

Defining the Future of Network Visibility Fabrics

Over the years, the digital world has evolved into an intricate ecosystem, one in which performance management and security are crucial.

Long gone are the days of SPAN-based traffic mirroring. Today, enterprises are utilizing the advanced features found in superior NPBs. Investing in additional solutions such as public cloud and virtual fabric technologies is not only the norm, it’s a necessity.

All of this means one thing - The need for packet data will only increase.

After reading this survey research, you'll know:
  • What network visibility fabrics are and their function

  • The benefits of network visibility fabrics
  • The challenges for successful implementation of network visibility fabrics and how to address them
  • How to adapt visibility fabrics to new technology trends


For this survey research, 250 enterprise technology professionals were evaluated, the majority of them responsible for the entire visibility fabric lifecycle, from product evaluation to deployment to actual use of the solutions.


This survey research revealed what enterprises value most in network packet brokers, and identifies how enterprises are adapting their visibility fabrics to new technology trends, such as virtualization, public cloud, and hardware-software disaggregation.

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