DDoS attacks pose one of the most dangerous threats to the availability of services on the internet and can bring an organization's network down within minutes and severely hamper everyday business operations.


Two decades ago, when DDoS attacks were in their infancy, CISOs and CIOs may have possessed the resources to tackle them. But DDoS attacks have experienced significant evolution and advancements to the point where they have reached a degree of sophistication that requires a new approach to combat them.


  • This on-demand webinar prepares network security professionals for implementing AI technology into their network security architectures, and provides a unique approach for DDoS mitigation coupled with robust visibility platform.  The webinar topics include:
  • DDoS new Threats - Become familiar with the new era of DDoS attacks that pose a serious threat to organizations worldwide.

DDoS Mitigation Evolution - Get to know the various tactics and techniques being used to combat today's complex DDoS threats.
Your path to an Intelligent Visibility Layer - Discover how to further enhance your network's visibility capabilities and the efficiency of your security tools. 
Niagara Open Architecture - Get a closer look at how Niagara's open architecture boosts the efficiency of cybersecurity threat detection. 
Deployment scenarios - Learn about different deployment scenarios for developing solid defense against potential DDoS attacks.



Now you'll be able to successfully beat DDoS attacks before they beat you.