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SSL/TLS Decryption Solution

With the vast majority of internet traffic now encrypted and increasing portions of network traffic also encrypted, networking and security teams need to better assess such traffic while still adhering to policies needed for compliance and regulatory requirements.

Niagara Networks comprehensive decryption solution enables three universal use cases for decryption visibility as part of its extensive visibility intelligence toolkit

Niagara’s SSLTLS Decryption Platform - LP image-1
What is the Value of SSL/TLS Decryption for
Intelligent Visibility:
  • Deep visibility into encrypted data traffic
  • Off load/minimize performance hit for individual tools
  • Decrypted traffic packet brokering to multiple tools based on policy rules
  • Seamless support for network tap, or inline bypass deployments on the same platform


SSL/TLS decryption is part of Niagara Networks Open Visibility Platform architecture with foundation around the PacketronTM process acceleration module and the N2 series Bypass and Packet Broker appliance, providing advanced visibility intelligence functionality such as SSL/TLS decryption, Data masking, Packet slicing, and deduplication amongst others.
The Open Visibility Platform's visibility virtualization enables hosting of third-party applications which can be deployed reliably in-line or out-of-band.


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