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Maintaining Network Visibility

While Expanding a Data Center (White Paper)

As networks continue to grow, maintaining clear network visibility is becoming increasingly more difficult and complex.

One of the ways a network engineer is able to collect the data for their tools is a SPAN port or TAP. However, even with many TAPs or SPAN ports, there still may not be enough critical network links that appliances can use.

This white paper addresses the state and issues of current networks and speaks to the solutions to mitigate risk for the future.

Maintaining Network Visibility
After reading this white paper, you will be able to:
  • Distinguish between various traffic issues that occur on networks
  • Understand how bypass switches ensure maximum network uptime
  • Mitigate risk for the future by reducing tools
  • Expand your network and data center


Data Centers are growing exponentially and, as a result, network managers have to find faster solutions to keep up with the increase of data sharing. Migration strategies to fulfill these faster speeds, such as server upgrades, are becoming very complex and network administrators need to reduce the intricacies of the network.


To preserve the quality of service on these networks, more and more tools are being added to ensure that performance is acceptable for the quality of experience (QoE) for the users. While supporting these new appliances, network administrators will still need to maintain and support the older generation of appliances, which create complex network architectures.


When designing new networks, one must have a strategic approach that is not only acceptable now, but will also prepare the network for changes down the road. 


This white paper will familiarize you with the various issues of current networks and provide you with the most effective solutions to reducing future risks while expanding your data center.

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