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Ensuring Uptime in Your

Network with Active Monitoring Devices (White Paper)

A key challenge in today’s fast growing internet working world is to create cost-effective solutions that provide greater visibility into network traffic while ensuring maximum network uptime.

There are numerous tools available in the market that allow administrators to maintain network traffic for optimal security and visibility, yet those same devices can pose serious threats to network stability and connectivity due to the fact that they impose a single point of failure.

Ensuring Max. Uptime
This white paper explores:
  • How to achieve maximum network visibility and network uptime
  • Utilizing active bypass switches with inline active monitoring devices
  • Ensuring network uptime and visibility through a combination of bypass, TAP, and network packet broker technologies
  • Cost-effective solutions to enhanced network visibility while maintaining network uptime 


The current rapid explosion of data sharing and the growth of LTE networks now calls for the establishment of efficient solutions to propagate the advancements without compromising the level of quality. Specifically, as networks expand, the number of critical links to be constantly monitored to achieve maximum uptime also increase.


Failure to maintain active monitoring of these higher traffic, higher speed networks will lead to network downtime, which can seriously impair the normal operations of an organization. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that LTE data centers are kept at optimal working conditions at all times.


In this white paper, you'll learn how supreme network uptime can be achieved in any network environment by utilizing a combined solution of an active monitoring device and Niagara Networks’ active bypass technology.

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