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A Guide to Effective

Network Visibility

Today, enterprise networks are becoming more sophisticated as network speeds continue to increase.

Various network technology enhancements, such as data center consolidation, virtualization, and cloud computing, force IT departments to get a better handle on network access and monitoring to provide an adequate level of network management and security.

How do you get holistic network monitoring infrastructure that enables migration to a higher network speed and increases the effectiveness of your existing security and monitoring tools?

Cost Effective Network
This White Paper Helps Enterprise and Service Providers to:
  • Understand the benefits of introducing a visibility adaptation layer between your network infrastructure and your security services
  • Be able to easily and efficiently add and administer multiple security solution devices
  • Utilize a Network Packet Broker in the 100Gb migration process to reduce OPEX and increase network uptime
  • Migrate seamlessly from 10Gb network or 40Gb to 100Gb network


Whether you know it or not, your network is probably exposed. However, the issue of network security cannot be solved with a one-time purchase. There isn’t a perfect security product that can stop all intruders in their tracks.


Enterprises and service providers face a tough challenge when deciding between the criticality of network uptime and availability of information with networking tools. Furthermore, enterprises can't afford to make the investments for buying these tools indefinitely because the cost of analyzing network traffic per bit is not falling nearly as fast as the cost of bandwidth.


Finding the best security solution involves trying out different best practices that are based on a robust Network Visibility architecture. Only this type of visibility can reveal potential blind spots and the associated risks they incur.

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